Thursday, October 16, 2008

More High school Shit...

"When We Rise"

"Grab A Hold of Me"

"She Came Undone"
First attempt at Oil painting..

"Like a Daydream, or a Fever"

"Everything's Gone White"

Again, this is all from high school. Nothing too exciting. But I feel like I cranked out more work my senior year then than I have in my first 2 yrs of Ringling...
which isn't true, I've just been learning diff. mediums and techniques.
And this year, I'm getting my ass kicked.
Have a ton more things to scan and upload.

Aaaand again

Here's some stuff I've scrapped up from the past year or so. Some unfinished...

Oil, Palette Knife.

"Me? Sorta.."
Quick Self Portrait, Charcoal.

"Riza Garcia"
Mixed Media.
Same technique as "Josh", supposed to be the piece next to it. But never finished..
Unfortunate, because the Josh piece actually made it into Illest. Dang. Nxt yr..

Not one for conversation...

So here are some pictures...

James Dean
Oil Rub

James Dean

Object Rendering: Sunglasses

"Arbeit Macht Frei"
Oil on Carved Wood (w/barbwire+fabric)
Intense piece. Teacher hated it. Everyone else loved it. 
Too bad teacher marks the grade..

Digital Painting
Digital piece I'm working on right now.. first time doing this.
There's a little guy running in the foreground, but I haven't yet figured out his body positioning.

"Josh Garcia"
mixed media - charcoal, watercolor, oil, gesso.
Just made this into Illest of Ill 08'. Woo!