Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Documentation Book.

Finally uploaded my book I did last semester in Pratt's class.

Based on an actual experience, except he didn't really die. I was just twisting the story for my own fun. Also, wrote a poem for it, titled "Heartbeat". Kind of narrates it..

Ink Wash/ Colored Ink/ Acrylic.

Good times.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Portraits?!

Giving you ten more from the 30 portrait series... some I'm not terribly proud of. But they're all real silly. Closer to finishing the full 30. Only one left. Wee!
Ok, in order... Nila [collage], Sam E [spraypaint], Andrea [make-up], Mirald [chalk], Daniel [graphite], Heather [gouche], Rad [scratchboard - pretty sure I did this in 10 minutes, wasted...oops.], Ellen [woodstain marker -  hahaha, this one geeks me out. sowwy, ellen], John Suarez [greyscale marker], Jamil [colored pencil]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chinese White technique? Watercolor.

Here's a watercolor I finished tonight. Kinda hate it/ kinda love it. I rushed it.. but it turned out all right. Working on another presently... i'll post it in a couple days. I'm using these little pre-projects as color studies to my future mega couch project. Whole lotta fun. 

Anyways, Josh makes a great model. thanks jash. Check his blog...
He's a good one.


All were done 2nd year of ringling, when I was attempting watercolor for the first time. The boy was my first try, and apparently my best. The last girl, Ashley Legaidre, was my 2nd try... and all right, but I went back and added a dark tonight. Made it look stupid and poppy and awesome. loveit. The bloody one was a fun one.. but I got an average grade because my teacher decided he'd prefer it in oil... after he egged me on to do it. lolz. I did do it in oil later...

Anywho, there's a more recent attempt at watercolor to come..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Find.

This was a digital painting I started in Visual Development last semester. I never finished... hence the craziness at the bottom and the faded out details. I pretty much ran out of time... and also discovered Ringling was killing the Vis.Dev. minor and screwing over a good amount of kids... so I sort of gave up. 
Anywho, it was based off of a folklore/mythological tale from our ethnic background. I chose to delve into the Russian side of me and read up on this crazy monstah- Zmey Gorynych -  the three-headed dragon. I twisted up his looks a little and gave him a crazy vulture kind of look. Came from the tale "Dobrynya and the Dragon".
Oh man do I wish I knew Russian. Sex-ay.


Ok, so... I'm lazy, I know. These were from the 30 portraits/30 days/30 diff.mediums project in Pratt's class last semester. I still.. have only 27 finished. So I haven't uploaded the whole template yet. Oops.
But I promise they'll be done soon.. it's actually a real entertaining finale. Brady Bunch style.
Here's some of the better one's so far... I went for realism in all of em. Sort of wished I didn't.
In order: Josh[ink wash], Keyla[coffee+gesso], Gerard[conte], Michelle[watercolor], Cowboy![pen+ink],JohnStarr[charcoal+conte], Riza[acrylic], + ScottZitta[pastel].

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This was a master copy I did for my figure painting class from the master portrait painter, Jeff Hein.

This was just one of his faces out of 9 from his painting.

Check him out:

Be amazed.


 Another 3hr. assignment. This one was kind of a failure.
I don't know what was wrong with me that day... but I wasn't thinking.
Either way, the result is pretty funny.
The article was about how professional sumo wrestlers were testing positive for marijuana and being kicked out of the league.. and it's super disrespectful to their culture..blahblahblah.

Get it? 
He's got a "pot" belly!.... 
ai yi yi. next time...

Heil Pratt.

 This was a 3 hour assignment done in Pratt's class.

Article was about Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi's Auschwitz Angel of Death.

He did experiments with twins.

And was determined to create the Aryan race.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So tired.

Just finished. Could definitely go back into it and spice some things up.. but jeebus, i'm tired. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

thank yous to my models.

Here's something current I'm working on...
A little value study preview for ya.

It's my sci-fi piece, based off the movie "Equilibrium".

I'm creating an emotionless army.
but guess which one is the outcast..?


Still playing with color ideas... plan on painting it. Oil?

But in order to get it done for the deadline, I'm doing it digital first. eep. procrastination is bad, kids.

wish me luck.


Found this in my apt. Prolly 1-2hrs. Single Sitting.

It's real tiny. But I like it.