Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Illustration Academy

So I've been a busy baby since school got out. Starting June 1 - July 17, I've been in the Illustration Academy working my ass off. It's kind of like a super expensive bootcamp for artists. And let me tell you, it's worth every penny. I happened to recieve the full scholarship for the program by pure luck, thanks to George Pratt's recommendation and Jon English's kindness to reel me into it last minute. Couldn't ask for a better birthday present considering I turned 21 two days later.Anyhow - met and worked with some incredible illustrators including George Pratt(hero), Jon English (leader), Jon Foster (a personal fav.), Doug Chayka(badass), Mark English (the legend), Brent Watkinson (hilarious), Anita Kunz, Barron Storey (AHHMAZING speaker!), Sterling Hundley (<3), C.F.Payne, Gary Kelley, and so much moreee! Okay. And now on to some things I've done. We've had specific assignments each week and only one week to execute it from start to finish...including thumbnails, value/color studies, tight sketches, and the final execution.. which usually didnt happen till saturday/sunday night for me. Can't say I'm in love with everything I've produced here.. but it's all been successful. :) The first two pieces are parts of my process, neither the final. The first, a color study for an assignment titled "A Slice of Sarasota", and the second is the final tight sketch for a piece where we had to illustrate a "conversation". The last two pictures are finals.. all though I plan on going in and putting more work into both. I chose Snoop Dogg for a "conceptual portrait" assignment given by Anita Kunz... turned out to be one of my favorites. Portrayed him as a iconic figure. Annd the last picture.. well, haha.. the assignment was to illustrate one of the seven deadly sins and I was given the sin Envy... and it needs no further explanation. ;) I'll post the other two finals next time, along with two other pieces I've done.