Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ahem. The Finished Version.

"Simon and Bear: The Encounter"

Big Ol' GBear.

The day Gerard came out of the closet...
Such a Gbear.
ps. he's painting "I<3squirrely"
It's true.

And another..

Here's a couple pages from a comic I worked on in Illustration for the famous George Pratt.

The story is about a man with no skin. who's being taken care of by a saint. who he convinces to love him. and then he skins her. and wears her skin. and feels empty, and cries.

Don't ask. Here ya go...

Ok, ok... I'll update.

Some portraits/figure paintings from last semester..

both about..2-3 hrs. I think..

30 min.

15 min

2-3 hrs.

There's a ton more illustrations I need to post. Like 200.
I know I'm lazy, but I'm working on it.
I wish this blog thing was easier to upload/organize.
I'll just give you a ton of posts, instead of one big one.