Monday, May 4, 2009

Last one...

Came up with this image for my poetry book. Kind of dig it...what do you think?

Oh, and...don't make fun of my poetry.

First time doing acetone pen transfers... couple came out a little rough.

Myakka Park Landscape Paintings

Babes w/Bunnies, Soldiers, and now GUNS?! You know you like it.

German MP5 Submachine Gun


American "Grease Gun"

Really had some fun with these. I'd like to go back in and throw another layer of glazes on top, really make them pop and look nice. Took about 20 minutes each to do. Fun studies.


Couple of war paintings I did for open assignments in my Illustration class. Both are unfinished still in my eyes but I've had a few people tell me to leave them as they are. Unfortunately, can't stop, won't stop. Just a few more touches...

Heather Sherman + Silke.

A painting I did for my Figure Painting class with your one and only Heather Sherman and the love of her life, Silke.

Came out pretty well. Busted it out in two nights.

Although I signed it, I plan on going back in and retouching the hands and lightening the shadow area of the bunny. Maybe throwing a solid gloss over the whole thing.

Then I'll be satisfied.


Color palette studies starring the lovely Sunny Balliette and Alex Robinson... as a safety guard. loveit.

Then I have the day/night studies for Pratt.  I think they came out all right. Did them prettttty quick. Kinda sloppy, but you get the idea.